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Sun, Nov. 3rd, 2013 06:50 am
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among my friends group, we call drawing the perfect card for the just-previous round of cards against humanity "getting humanity'd". during my research for two upcoming papers and a presentation (which feel like they have waaaay more overlap than i had planned on, in terms topic and potential sources), i just found what is pretty much the perfect article for the paper i handed in on thursday. i feel like there needs to be some of sort of verb for when that happens.
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[1] i got a new plant just over a week ago, and it reminded me that basic care is really important. on friday i was checking on it and it was so droopy i was concerned that my lack of inherited green thumb had killed it. but watering it made it look brand new, so like let's all remember to water ourselves or accept others' help in that task (this is a horrible metaphor, but self-care, it's legit!).

[2] i've started working with [personal profile] elisechenier, who is new to dreamwidth, and i'm going to be helping her integrate some social media into her research. check out [community profile] fromoutlawstoinlaws, the community for her current project about same-sex marriage before 1980.

[3] because i'm writing a paper about genre right now, i've been having to think about it a lot, along with categorization, medium and so on. and in many ways it has helped me clarify why i find "the medium is the message" to be such an irritating combination of useless and wrong. message-makers have increasingly fewer choices about what media they use in production (see the shift away from film to digital capture) and have no choice about the media that will be utilized during reception. a movie can be received by its audience in a theatre, on a TV set (streaming, DVD, Blu-Ray, on cable or even still on VHS), on a computer (streaming, downloaded, legally or illegally, good file quality or bad, different kinds of file types), on a cellphone, on a tablet, or another kind of mobile device, on a projected screen in a classroom or a public space. most of those are considered completely different media, and yet the same work can be received there. i think it is more useful to try to figure out what the most basic things a work has to fulfill to be considered in the movie format (or any other given format) than to focus on its medium. how do we tell different audio/visual works apart on a format front? what makes an episode of "TV" different from a "movie"? what makes a "TV show" different from a "mini series"? how do web-based serial audio/visual works fit into the taxonomy of format?
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i saw the new luc besson film, the family, tonight.

i was really impressed, all the way around, but especially with the performances of the two actors playing the kids. it took me pretty much the entire film to realize that was dianna agron as the daughter. although he's been in a few things previously i've never seen john d'leo (who played he son) before. they were both superb. obviously de niro, pfeiffer, and jones were fantastic, because they're them. herc domenick lombardozzi from the wire has a nice, small role. it was very funny, exactly in the same tone as the trailer. i really enjoyed the pacing and the editing, but the characterization was really where it was at.

content notes: it was a bit more gorey than i really expected, and there was some super triggering stuff mostly around violence against women, and also possible animal harm.
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i've been watching a lot of random movies on netflix recently. the major upside i've discovered (of which there are surprisingly few) is that because you didn't buy/rent/download the specific movie it's easy to try it for 5 minutes and bail, which means i'm trying things i might otherwise might

movies i haven't bailed on (but did sort of consider it, even though i had heard of it and wanted to see it) include the josh radnor written/directed/staring twee indie comedy liberal arts. it has a great cast (allison janney! among others), but i found the story kind of ... alienating? it seemed fine at first, but it became more and more apparent how cut off from the feelings of all the female characters the narrative was (also, pretty sure it failed the bechdel test). i enjoyed the storyline where radnor's character was kind of mentor-y to this random kid who was having a hard time, but it was in such stark contrast to all his scenes with his love interest ... whose story, it's worth noting, has no resolution AT ALL.

spoilers )

and then there's an incredibly irritating section where radnor's character argues with olsen's character about an obvious twilight-analogue and its value. olsen's character, shortly before accusing radnor of being an elitist, says that the book "isn't tolstoy, but it isn't television." i'm always likely to be offended by people lumping all of tv in together*, so obviously it was going to bother me. i don't know what it means that radnor who has been starring in himym for a ridiculous number of years wrote this line, but it was still somehow more enraging than the idiocy of the argument the characters had about the value of twilight (where they both made such shitty arguments it was impossible to actually agree with either of them). because yeah, there's no tv that exists that's a better way to pass the time than reading THE WORST BOOK IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE (radnor's description). it isn't like there's any tv written by people who also write critically acclaimed books! nope!

i don't even know what my point is other than that this made me incredibly angry, and kind of disappointed in josh radnor.

*especially when they aren't doing it to other things, ie. a list of things that are bad: "magazines like cosmo and maxim; tv." yes that is something i really heard someone say ina talk earlier this year, and yes it did undermine my ability to take seriously anything else they said.
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i feel exhausted and awful and i can't sleep, but i thought i should mention some of the small sliver of good news going on in my life right now.

quoted from our kickstarter page:
Great news! We have found an alternate source of funding and are cancelling our Kickstarter.

In Kickstarter, we have found a huge push of publicity which you made possible. It has kept us busy in interviews with online and print media here in Vancouver as well as overseas.

It also helped land us a consultant, who pointed us at some extra funding. This should cover the bulk of what we were asking for on Kickstarter. We don’t want to ask people for money when we don’t need all of it - and since you can’t change the funding goal of a Kickstarter once it has launched, we’re going to cancel the Kickstarter campaign.

So THANK YOU for passing the word along. This Kickstarter brought out huge amounts of community support - social support, emotional support, and volunteer support. And when people did donate to Kickstarter, they donated a lot more on an individual basis than we ever thought. We are deeply honoured

We're going to put the trailer up on Youtube. We're launching a youtube channel. We just want everyone to watch it. So, please do forward it along.

If you've backed us here, we will have something for you as a thank-you present

If you would like to pre-order a copy of The Switch, we're going to have a page up shortly to help you do that. And If you'd like to back us in other ways, we should talk as we may be able to get you a pretty spiffy tax credit.
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2013 has been considerably less magical since my last post, but i'm not here to talk about that. i'm here to talk about a project i've been working on. it's a vancouver-filmed and vancouver-set magical realist comedy starring trans characters played by trans actors. i know the veronica mars kickstarter is out there right now, but i think warner bros can make it on its own if it wants to* but we need our kickstarter to make this fully happen.

it's what benton fraser would do!

*also, i'm not over season three enough yet :(

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