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this is now the second time where the class day of a GSWS class was my favourite, and it was because of content not because it was the end. i guess to some degree it can only happen at the end; camaraderie can't exist at the beginning, and neither can collectively gained knowledge. but they both had this friendly last-day-of-the-school-year kind of atmosphere. they both had presentations, and these presentation were actually good and were done by people who were really passionate about their topics.

i don't really like public presentations, no matter how much i can't stop talking in class, so i didn't do the optional presentation component. however, i really enjoyed every presentation we saw. hell, i really enjoyed the spirit of this whole course and the way that it came through in these presentations. from clever use of slides, to the systemic dissection of citations in an article, to a video examining pop culture and everything in between, it was a cathartic way of ending a class that sometimes dealt with really fraught topics. while my other GSWS class this semester would sometimes feel like a group therapy session during discussion (uh, in a good way), this class never did, so the catharsis felt especially good and especially needed.

it makes me reflect upon what an interesting semester it was, that even on the last day i could learn something new and have it come from my classmates rather than the instructor. i learned more individually definable things in this class than the painful "learning class" on grammar i took last fall*, and i can step back and appreciate those things: what the process of learning to view canadian history differently, what being a woman firefighter entails, and how there really are amazing people out there making a serious difference in the world and doing it while at different times young and old. and about what that process and what that new knowledge means to me as a woman, as a student, as a scholar. it makes me want to do things and talk to people, to help keep hope alive that things can get better and that people are making them better every day. that we all need to participate in making things better every day.

*well, it's their fault that they tried to teach me generative grammar and gave me no opportunity to write about why it is a terrible theory, instead giving me tests on that terrible theory.

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