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[1] i got a new plant just over a week ago, and it reminded me that basic care is really important. on friday i was checking on it and it was so droopy i was concerned that my lack of inherited green thumb had killed it. but watering it made it look brand new, so like let's all remember to water ourselves or accept others' help in that task (this is a horrible metaphor, but self-care, it's legit!).

[2] i've started working with [personal profile] elisechenier, who is new to dreamwidth, and i'm going to be helping her integrate some social media into her research. check out [community profile] fromoutlawstoinlaws, the community for her current project about same-sex marriage before 1980.

[3] because i'm writing a paper about genre right now, i've been having to think about it a lot, along with categorization, medium and so on. and in many ways it has helped me clarify why i find "the medium is the message" to be such an irritating combination of useless and wrong. message-makers have increasingly fewer choices about what media they use in production (see the shift away from film to digital capture) and have no choice about the media that will be utilized during reception. a movie can be received by its audience in a theatre, on a TV set (streaming, DVD, Blu-Ray, on cable or even still on VHS), on a computer (streaming, downloaded, legally or illegally, good file quality or bad, different kinds of file types), on a cellphone, on a tablet, or another kind of mobile device, on a projected screen in a classroom or a public space. most of those are considered completely different media, and yet the same work can be received there. i think it is more useful to try to figure out what the most basic things a work has to fulfill to be considered in the movie format (or any other given format) than to focus on its medium. how do we tell different audio/visual works apart on a format front? what makes an episode of "TV" different from a "movie"? what makes a "TV show" different from a "mini series"? how do web-based serial audio/visual works fit into the taxonomy of format?

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