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so i'm trying to figure out how to use this journal in a productive way. first, i don't want to feel like i'm stepping on my own toes in terms of things i want to talk about while wearing my other hat. second, and probably more pressingly, i'm not feeling especially clear on the balance i need to be striking between the content of papers i've previously had graded for school and what i talk about here, in the sense that i'm not sure what the guidelines are for reproducing your own academic work in such a public context. i've written a few papers that seem like things i really want to be able to discuss with people in a wider context, and while i don't personally have ambitions toward some sort of publish-or-perish tenure-track academic future, i'm not sure what's really advisable in terms of reproducing publicly papers which might be publishable.

i guess those are questions i need to talk with various people about, and see if i can find more examples of people struggling with finding that balance. when i have spoken about school-related things in the past, it's always been behind a lock or a filter, but doing that here on any regular basis would seem to undermine the point of having this account at all.

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