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Katie ([personal profile] kmgilles) wrote2013-09-15 05:02 am
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[who's going to rebuild the supermarket that "burned down"?]

i saw the new luc besson film, the family, tonight.

i was really impressed, all the way around, but especially with the performances of the two actors playing the kids. it took me pretty much the entire film to realize that was dianna agron as the daughter. although he's been in a few things previously i've never seen john d'leo (who played he son) before. they were both superb. obviously de niro, pfeiffer, and jones were fantastic, because they're them. herc domenick lombardozzi from the wire has a nice, small role. it was very funny, exactly in the same tone as the trailer. i really enjoyed the pacing and the editing, but the characterization was really where it was at.

content notes: it was a bit more gorey than i really expected, and there was some super triggering stuff mostly around violence against women, and also possible animal harm.

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