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Katie ([personal profile] kmgilles) wrote2013-03-19 01:21 am

#springiscoming (i hope)

i feel exhausted and awful and i can't sleep, but i thought i should mention some of the small sliver of good news going on in my life right now.

quoted from our kickstarter page:
Great news! We have found an alternate source of funding and are cancelling our Kickstarter.

In Kickstarter, we have found a huge push of publicity which you made possible. It has kept us busy in interviews with online and print media here in Vancouver as well as overseas.

It also helped land us a consultant, who pointed us at some extra funding. This should cover the bulk of what we were asking for on Kickstarter. We don’t want to ask people for money when we don’t need all of it - and since you can’t change the funding goal of a Kickstarter once it has launched, we’re going to cancel the Kickstarter campaign.

So THANK YOU for passing the word along. This Kickstarter brought out huge amounts of community support - social support, emotional support, and volunteer support. And when people did donate to Kickstarter, they donated a lot more on an individual basis than we ever thought. We are deeply honoured

We're going to put the trailer up on Youtube. We're launching a youtube channel. We just want everyone to watch it. So, please do forward it along.

If you've backed us here, we will have something for you as a thank-you present

If you would like to pre-order a copy of The Switch, we're going to have a page up shortly to help you do that. And If you'd like to back us in other ways, we should talk as we may be able to get you a pretty spiffy tax credit.