Thu, Feb. 28th, 2013

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i still haven't fully decided how i want to actually use this journal, although i am about to unlock the series of posts i made for a take home final exam last semester (yes, the class was that cool).

i don't know why i'm posting at 6am, because i couldn't tell why i'm even awake right now, but hey here i am. and the here where i am is one where march is about to be here, and the wrechitude of february can be put aside.

i got my enrollment date for next semester, and like i usually do i went to go double-check the course listings so i'll definitely know what i'm doing in a couple weeks. sadly, a course i was really excited they were offering is now nowhere to be found - i'm guessing for the same reason it's never offered, that they don't actually have an instructor for it. i've picked out what i'm going to take instead, and it's a course that allows you to pick which assignments and what percentage (within a range) you want them to be worth; this is both perfect and completely terrifying. also, it's a summer course that only takes half the full term, which is again both perfect and terrifying.

i think 2013 is going to be magical, february notwithstanding (but since i don't actually remember most of february, i guess it won't withstand consideration of 2013 anyway).

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